MVS logoThe Iceland Construction Authority is in charge of matters regarding building regulations, fire safety and electrical safety. It began operating on January 1st, 2011 pursuant to the Act on Civil Engineering no. 160/2010 which entered into force on the same day. The new agency took over the role of fire safety and electrical security.

The Iceland Construction Aithority is an administrative body that promotes uniform building supervision across the country, including through the preparation of guidelines, inspection manuals and direct intervention rights if the building supervision of the municipalities does not comply with the provisions of the Act. 

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Furthermore, the Iceland Construction Authority carries out legalization of designers and industrialists and issues operating licenses for construction managers and accredited inspection offices in the construction sector. The Icelandic Construction Authority shall also conduct market supervision of construction products and participate in the preparation of Icelandic and European standards in the field of construction. The Icelandic Construction Authority also monitors how the fire security of constructions is organized, supplied with equipment and appointed personnel with sufficient education and training to perform its role.

Main Arctic Projects

In recent years, The Iceland Construction Authority has emphasized on its participation in various research in the field of environmental and construction engineering and in the field of rescue. At the initiative of the Institute, PhD students were appointed to the Faculty of Environmental and Building Engineering at the University of Iceland to work on a response to emergency situations in the northern hemisphere. The project is, among other things, the result of the adoption of Act no. 166/2008 concerns prospective oil exploration in Eastern Iceland. There the Civil Protection Agency is responsible for conducting fire control issues and setting rules for safety assessment and the role of firefighting firefighting. The Agency shall also grant a building permit for an installation to be used for the processing of hydrocarbons at sea and thus be responsible for administrative building matters there. The above-mentioned doctoral project is funded by the European Research Funds and worked in collaboration with various European parties, including the Norwegian Fire School (Norges Brannskole) and the Swedish Institute for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning. The Iceland Construction Authority participates in the interdisciplinary project led by the University of Iceland. The project received a grant of NOK 420 million from NordForsk to establish a Nordic Research Center for research on how to increase community security. The project, called NORDRESS, is extensive and interdisciplinary, and the number of scientists and institutions in the Nordic region will work over the next five years, but the largest part of the project will be done in Iceland. The Iceland Construction Authority is primarily associated with the part of the project related to emergency response in the northern part of the region and relates to the project mentioned above.

Main Publications and Reports

The laws and regulations regarding these matters have not been translated to English and most of the matter on this webpage is therefore in Icelandic.

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