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Rif Field Station is a non-profit organization established in 2014. Six Icelandic research institutions, along with the Norðurþing municipality, support the station. Rif aims to promote research and monitoring projects in Melrakkaslétta peninsula, gather and share information on the area’s natural environment, and support the local community.

Rif provides housing and research facilities for scientists interested in using the unique research possibilities that Melrakkaslétta has to offer. It is hoped that scientists will be conducting various research in the area on a permanent basis in the future. 

The Field Station’s emphasis lies within the field of natural and environmental science, but the facilities are open for all scientists intending to carry out research in the area. Melrakkaslétta and Raufarhöfn are for instance especially interesting for researching the interaction between humans and nature, as well as rural development.

Rif Field Station and the Arctic

Rif Field Station is a member of INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic). The network has now become circum-polar, including 76 member stations. With climate change and increased human activities, there is an increased need for surveillance and monitoring of the fragile ecosystems in northern and Arctic areas. The Field Station and its facilities are an important part of making such an enhancement possible and, with Melrakkaslétta peninsula being defined as Low Arctic, the area is very well suited for such research activities. Monitoring is also fundamental if governments are to be able to respond properly to negative effects in a timely manner.

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Name: Hrönn G. Guðmundsdóttir
Job title: Acting Director
Email: hronn[at]rifresearch.is
Sími: 464-5100




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Name: Starri Heiðmarsson
Job title: Secretary
E-mail: starri[at]ni.is

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