logo akureyrarbaerjpgAkureyri is a town in Northern Iceland and the country's second largest urban area (after the Capital Region) and fourth largest municipality. Nicknamed the Capital of North Iceland, Akureyri is an important port and fishing centre. The area where Akureyri is located was settled in the 9th century but did not receive a municipal charter until 1786.

Akureyri Town Council provides a variety of public services within education, transportation and environment, organization and construction, welfare and family. The Town Council is responsible for the administration, budget, management, consulting, tourism, cultural institutions and events, sports, and many other activities. 

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Arctic Portal logoThe Arctic Portal is a comprehensive gateway to Arctic information and data on the internet, increasing information sharing and co-operation among Arctic stakeholders and granting exposure to Arctic related information and data.

The Arctic Portal is operated in consultation and co-operation with members of the Arctic Council and its Working Groups, Permanent Participants, Observers and other Stakeholders. The Arctic Portal is a network of information and data sharing and serves as host to many web sites in a circumpolar context, supporting co-operation and outreach in science, education, and policy making.

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arctic services logoArctic Services, opened in February 2013, is an association between number of companies and institutions in the Eyjafjörður area, central North Iceland. Opening of Arctic shipping routes and the expansion of mining and possible oil production in the arctic region are the main prerequisites for the founding of Arctic Services.

The association’s participants possess expertise and experience relevant to construction projects in the Arctic, such as companies that conduct industrial and technical services, research, engineering and aviation, as well as public utilities in the area.

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Auna logoTTO Iceland is the national Technology- and Knowledge Transfer Office for all universities and foremost public research organisations in Iceland. As a non-profit organisation, our mission is to transform inventions into solutions with societal- and economical impact. We support the scientific community in Iceland with advice on intellectual property protection, analyse market- and patent landscapes, connect inventions and innovative research projects with investors and the industry, and enable science & technology to benefit society by commercialisation, both nationally and internationally.

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CAFF logoThe Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) is the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council. The Arctic Council is the leading intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, Arctic indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants on common Arctic issues, in particular on issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic.

CAFF's mandate is to address the conservation of Arctic biodiversity, and to communicate its findings to the governments and residents of the Arctic, helping to promote practices which ensure the sustainability of the Arctic’s living resources. It does so through various monitoring, assessment and expert group activities.

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Chnges logoThe Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies (CHNGES) is a Center of Excellence within the Western Kentucky University Applied Research and Technology Program. It housed in the WKU Dept of Geography and Geology. CHNGES is an interdisciplinary Center founded in the environmental geosciences at its academic home of Western Kentucky University.

The Center’s connects climate, sustainability, water, and human-environmental interactions through integrating research, outreach, education, and communication.

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Jafnrettisstofa logoThe Directorate of Equality (former Centre for Gender Equality) opened in September 2000 and is located in Akureyri. It handles administration of equality in Iceland in accordance to act. 10/2008: An Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men, act 85/2018: An Act on Equal Treatment irrespective of race or ethnic origin, and act 86/2018: An Act on Equal Treatment in the labour market.

The role of the Directorate is defined in article 4 of the 10/2008 act. The agency runs by the control of the Prime Minister's Office. 

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sjavarutvegsmidstodin logoThe Fisheries Science Center at the University of Akureyri was officially opened on Thursday 16 April 2009, when a contract was signed between UNAK and the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. The center was established to support the policy of the University of Akureyri (UNAK) to strengthen ties between the industry and the university; strengthen mutual relations and research and the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge within the fishing industry.

The center also aims to strengthen the leadership of UNAK in education and research on the fisheries sector with the promotion of applied research, projects and training related to fisheries. This means, among other things, to enhance cooperation with the sector, to improve the public image of fisheries and promote the education at UNAK.


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